Learning has come up with a lot of change since the last decade. Making students stick with the traditional patterns don’t produce such results that actually you have thought of. You need to adopt some new changes in the educational industry in order to make your class more attractive as well as interactive. And, no doubt, creating a WordPress eLearning Platform is the best way to share knowledge. You can easily make your boring class more engaging by using superb features of WordPress LMS Plugins.

Most Popular WordPress LMS Plugins

Take a look at these most popular WordPress LMS Plugins that offer a brilliant solution to create an eLearning website like a pro without getting messed up with rigorous coding.

1. LearnDash


LearnDash is the #1 option that I’ll recommend to you to create an eLearning site on WordPress. It offers superb functionality and works with almost every WordPress education theme. It is mobile compatible and trusted by almost 500 top MNCs. You can easily manage your students and courses with amazing course administration options.

Key Features include

  • LearnDash Focus Mode and Powerful Course Builder
  • Advanced quizzing and drip feed content options
  • Provide Gradebook to your learners
  • Offer your learners one-time purchase options
  • Set membership as per your need
  • Include course license

And, a lot more to explore!

2. LifterLMS


So, if you’re looking for a simple yet powerful online course builder, you should look at LifterLMS. With LifterLMS, you can easily engage your students by selling interactive courses, offering memberships. Moreover, it’s up to you how you would like to manage your course selling website and protect your content by locking it down to limit access.

Key Features include

  • Brilliant Multimedia Lessons, quizzes and course builder
  • Drip Content, Prerequisites, and Course Track options
  • Instructional design and form integration
  • Graphics pack to design course certificates
  • Different options to set up payments
  • Offer free courses and affiliate program

And, a lot more to explore!

3. Teachable


Teachable is another great LMS Plugin that allows you to design a beautiful eLearning website on WordPress and has been loved by more than 68000 instructors. It doesn’t require to put a lot of your efforts to set it up and guarantees you to provide your learners with an exceptional learning experience.

Key Features include

  • Create engaging multimedia lectures
  • Work with your existing website or create new pages on Teachable
  • Fully responsive and comes with a powerful editor
  • Multilingual functionality
  • Get a Free Domain
  • Award learners with course completion certificates
  • Support integrations with Zapier, Intercom, Olark, and Zendesk.

And, a lot more features to explore.

4. LearnPress


Now, take a look at LearnPress!

You can get this for free and start creating online courses without any complex process. It also offers some advanced features that come with its pro version. It provides an easy to use interface and has more than 20000 active installations till now. You can create unlimited courses, lessons, quizzes, and questions to engage your learners.

Key Features include

  • LearnPress provide a bunch of add-ons
  • Multisite support
  • Brilliant course creation and management options
  • Complete Control over your LMS
  • Monetize Courses with PayPal, WooCommerce, or any other payment option

And, many more features.

5. WP Courseware

WP Courseware

Okay! now let’s move on to WP Courseware.

With drag and drop course builder functionality, it allows you to set up an interactive educational website easily. Trusted by over 15000 students, it offers the most powerful feature-packed LMS solution to you.

Key Features include

  • Hassle-free course creation option with drag and drop builder
  • Define limits for course access to registered, enrolled, and logged in students.
  • Drip content feature and Built-in shopping cart
  • Apply GDPR Policies
  • Compatible with almost all WordPress Theme
  • Set up installment payments or fixed payment plan.

And, a lot more!

6. Sensei

SenseiSensei LMS is an open source WordPress LMS Plugin offered by WooCommerce that offers a brilliant solution to get started with your online course website. For more functionalities than what it offers with its free LMS Plugin, you can explore various Sensei extensions.

Key Features include

  • Easy to set up on WordPress
  • No coding required and works with almost every WordPress Theme
  • Use WooCommerce Paid Courses extension

7. Namaste! LMS

Namaste LMS

Nameste LMS is another free LMS solution for WordPress websites. It offers support to manage unlimited courses with great course builder functionalities. Besides this Free version, you can also take a look at Namaste! PRO which is designed to give more power to your WordPress LMS website

Key Features include

  • Manage unlimited courses
  • Connect to exams created with plugins like Watu or WatuPRO
  • Receive and send automated email notices
  • Optionally allow discussion to assignments
  • Manage gradebook and generate leaderboards.

And, offers more features with its Pro feature.

8. MasterStudy LMS

MasterStudy LMS

Now, check out MasterStudy LMS. A WordPress LMS solution that offers 9 unique demos to help you to explore how your education website will look like. MasterStudy offers a Powerful LMS on Vue.js along with user-friendly course management options.

Key Features include

  • Powerful Admin panel
  • Messaging System
  • Interactive quizzes and result options
  • Teacher Announcement and Engagement Triggers
  • Manage Learner Progress

And, many more features.

9. Good LMS

Good LMS

Good LMS is another WordPress LMS Plugin that allows you to convert your simple WordPress site into an eLearning platform. They offer you many features to get started with your eLearning website. In case of any issues, you can get help with their premium support services.

Key Features include

  • Creating and managing course is hassle free
  • Allows to create subsections with sub-quizzes
  • Offer course badges and certificate to your learners
  • Set commission rate for your instructors
  • Retakable quiz option

And, many other features.

Words over to you!

So, which WordPress LMS Plugin clicks your mind most?

Don’t forget to leave a comment below with your valuable opinions. We’ll get back with more meaningful information to you.


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